KFC Secret Recipes
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KFC Secret Recipes: KFC Style Chicken Recipes, Salads and Desserts Volume 1

Published Date: May 17, 2016

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8.5 x 11 inches


Do you ever crave for Kentucky Fried Chicken or good old Southern-Style Comfort Food? Discover the secret ingredients used to make the world’s favorite fried chicken recipes! The ‘KFC Secret Recipes’ book is inspired by Colonel Harland Sanders, born September 9, 1890, he was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken and inventor of the KFC ‘Original Recipe’ seasoned chicken. In this book you will find 30 great copycat recipes for the KFC menu, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Spicy Chicken Wings, Juicy Burgers, Crispy Potato Wedges, Salads and Sweet Desserts. Now you can make original recipes dating back from the 1950’s to the present day. Cook ‘finger licking chicken’ Southern-Style that tastes just as good as KFC. We bet your friends and family won’t be able to tell the difference! If you enjoy eating succulent chicken and delicious desserts you’ll love making these mouthwatering recipes.




  • KFC Original Recipe Fried Chicken
  • KFC Popcorn Chicken
  • KFC Chicken Nuggets
  • KFC Honey Barbecued Wings
  • KFC Fiery Buffalo Wings
  • KFC Hot Wings
  • KFC Kentucky Grilled Chicken
  • KFC Rotisserie Gold Chicken
  • KFC Extra Crispy
  • KFC Extra Crispy Strips
  • KFC Twister
  • KFC Zinger Burger (Snacker)
  • KFC Crispy Potato Wedges
  • KFC Cinnamon Apple Pie
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Old Time Southern Recipes
  • And So Much More!


Learn about the creation of the famous recipes and the many secret herbs and spices.

Author Information

Saffron G. Waterman is a food connoisseur and obsessive lover of international restaurant cuisine. In her free time she practices creative cooking at home and enjoys writing new cookery books.


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